Privacy Policy

MingalaGO recognizes the importance of the personal information, focuses intensively on its protection so that all the Users can use the Company's services at ease, and it will take every possible effort to protect personal information with the following matters in mind.

Definition of Personal Information

Before using the Website provided by the Company (hereafter the "Site") and its related contents, functions and/or applications (Hereafter collectively referred with the Site as the "Service"), please read these terms of service.
  1. 1. "Personal information" is the information about a living individual obtained through the Service, which enables the identification of the specific individual by the name, date of birth, or other description included in such information (including the information which can be collated easily with other information and thereby identify the specific individual.)
  2. 2. "Personal information database, etc." means an assembly of information containing personal information as listed below:
    • a. Specific personal information systematically organized for the retrieval with computers.
    • b. In addition to what is listed in a, information specified by Government Ordinance as what is systematically organized for easy retrieval of specific personal information.
  3. 3. "Personal data" means any personal information which configures personal information databases, etc.
  4. 4. "Retained Personal Data" means any personal data over which a Business Operator Handling Personal Information has authority to disclose, revise, add or delete or to discontinue the offering to a third party, except for the data of which revealing the presence or absence is deemed harmful to public interests or any other interests by the Government Ordinance or the data which is deleted within 6 months.

Information Collected by the Service

Information directly provided from the Users to the Company: The Service does not require the Users to directly provide Personal information defined by us. In case the Service ask the Users cooperation with a voluntary-based questionnaire for improvement of the Service, the data will be anonymously collected in a format that can not identify individuals and stored in a database. Information directly provided from the Users to the Company: When a User visits the Service to browse, certain information including the followings may be collected automatically.
  • ・User's Internet Protocol(IP) address
  • ・User's browser and operating system(OS)
  • ・Web pages visited by the User just before and after the visit to the Service
  • ・User's retrieval history
  • ・Web pages or advertisements browsed or links clicked in the Service
  • ・Information processing speed of the User's computer and/or Information about the software program installed in the User's computer
  • ・Standard server log information
  • ・Information collected through Cookies, Web beacons, and any other similar technology
The Service collects the Users’ activity information for the purpose of improving the Service or coping with security issues such as unauthorized access. Personalized advertising: Some advertisers of the Service use cookies in order to provide personalized content and advertisements. The Service integrates the following advertising program provided by Google Inc. Advertisers may place personalized advertisements to the Users via these programs using cookie. ・Doubleclick by Google ・Google Adsense If you want to opt-out personalized advertisements, please visit the following website of the providers. ・Google Inc. In accordance with the application of the EU General Data Protection Rule (GDPR), the The Service will not place personalized advertisements to the Users who are accessing the Site from the European Economic Area (EEA), based on personal information specified by GDPR, such as cookies, IP address etc. Analytics Tool: The Service uses the following analytics tools provided by Google Inc. in order to provide valuable and useful contents to the Users. ・Google Analytics ・Google Tag Manager These tools use cookie in order to anonymously measure the Users’ behavior and its history (Such as visited pages, number of visits to the Service etc.) on the service. The Company use behavioral history of user for the purpose of planning new contents and services, not to identify individuals. Google Analytics collect pseudonymized IP address in order to track areas from where the Users visit the Service. Targeting Advertising: The Service may use cookies in order to place targeting advertisements to the Users who have visited the Site, with sending cookies to the following advertising programs. ・Google Inc. Facebook Inc. The Users can delete cookies on their web browser, then targeting advertisements triggered by visiting the Site will not be displayed.

Use of Cookies

The Service may use cookies or Web beacons in order to provide the Users with better services. Cookies and Web beacons do not affect the Users' privacy or usage environment, and shall never be disclosed in any circumstances in a form which identify the User by making access to the Service. Please click here, if you want to stop(opt-out) the target advertisement sent by the Company. You need to set opt-out for each browser you are using. If you have opted out of Tremor Video DSP advertising cookies and subsequently delete the “opt out” cookie from your browser, change your browser, or buy a new computer/device, you will need to repeat this process and opt out again. Contact Us: ... and other contact information. Each newsletter will provide the User with the option of unsubscribing from future newsletters. Please note that if you have deleted opt-out cookies issued by the Company, you have installed a new browser, or you have changed your PC/smartphone, you need to renew the process. Informative data management in the Company can be found here.
  1. Cookies
Cookie is a system that a website provider temporarily records data in User's computer through a web browser. Cookies can record the User's information, last visit to the site, frequency of visit and so on. They are utilized for the User's identification, User authentication system, and customized service tailored for each WWW service User.
  1. Use of cookies as IR information
The Company may disclose the statistic data collected in the use of the Service, such as the number of the Users, the number of page views, etc., by way of IR information.
  1. Discontinuation of targeting advertisement
The Company uses target advertisement services provided by third parties in order to look at the utilization of the Service. Therefore, it uses the cookies provided by the following companies. If you want to know more about the use of the cookies, the information obtained through the cookies, the procedure of opt-out, and the discontinuation of the target advertisement provided by the Company, please visit the following websites and check them. ・Google Inc. Facebook Inc. Digital Advertising Alliance in the USA, Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada, and European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance provide functions to turn off the display of the online interest-based advertising, otherwise, you can use the setting of your mobile device. Ad blocking or using tools to restrain the use of cookies may affect the functions of ad management options as follows. ・Digital Advertising Alliance ・Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada ・European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance


This Privacy Policy only applies when the User uses the Service. Third party websites and services linked from the Service have their own terms of use and privacy policies that differ from the Company's policy, therefore, the Company will not accept any obligations or responsibility for any troubles related to the personal information protection or liked contents. When you register your personal information in the linked websites, It is strongly recommended that you should first check the terms of service and privacy policy of such sites before starting to use them. Modification and Application of the Privacy Policy The Company complies with applicable Japanese laws, regulations and other rules with respect to the personal information possessed by the Company, and makes efforts to improve this Policy by reviewing and updating its contents properly. In case that there is any modification in this Privacy Policy involving changes in the personal information items to be collected or in the purposes of use, they will be published and applied by updating this page.